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The °CRYO Penguin™ in Gulfport MS and Ocean Springs MS is a modern mobile device that treats localized tissue damage in athletes, induces cell rejuvenation, improves skin tone, and reduces the ongoing effects of aging. Elevate your service options by providing value-adds that will increase new client leads and client retention. The Penguin’s breakthrough treatment options can help your client with:

  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Skin Collagen Boosting

Services with the Cryo Penguin

Cryo Facials: Using the CryoPenguin, nitrogen-cooled air is applied to the face, neck, and scalp. This procedure can decrease pore size, stimulate collagen production, and bring about a more even-toned appearance reducing fine lines and wrinkles – the visible signs of aging. Some have even experienced hair regrowth on their scalps. Experience 10 minutes of relaxation and rejuvenation while we help to make you look and feel younger!

Spot Treatment Cryotherapy

The CryoPenguin allows for pinpoint, targeted application of cryotherapy, similar to but more effective and faster than the application of ice packs. Used in conjunction with whole-body cryotherapy, 4 to 6 minutes of localized cryotherapy brings relief to the muscular aches and soreness associated with strenuous athletic activity, inflammation, and surgical recovery. What else? It promotes anti-inflammatory properties, reduces muscle soreness, decreases pain from sore joints, and increases blood flow restoration

The CryoPenguin allows for precise, targeted cryotherapy application to local muscles and joints. The CryoPenguin treatments are therapeutically very similar to ice applications but have proven to be more effective. Four to six minutes of localized cryotherapy brings relief to muscular and joint soreness associated with athletic injury or soreness, inflammation, and surgical recovery.

Unlike our whole-body cryotherapy unit, the CRYO Penguin localized cryotherapy system provides focused cold therapy to a specific area to give you relief where you need it most. The CRYO Penguin is a modern, mobile device used to treat localized tissue damage, induce cell rejuvenation, improve skin tone, and reduce the effects of aging.

Many of our clients combine localized cryo with whole-body cryotherapy (hyperlink to

Just like all cryotherapy treatments, localized cryotherapy promotes vasoconstriction, rushing oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to the area to promote healing.

“ I come here exclusively for the cryotherapy and love it. As I get older, it takes longer for me to recover from my exercise routines. It’s a tremendous help from my sore muscles and joints.”

– M. Smith, Gulfport MS


Cryo Facial

  • 1 Treatment (12 minutes) - $40
  • 5 Treatments (12 minutes each) - $150

Localized (Single Joint) Cryotherapy

  • 1 Treatment (6 minutes) - $30
  • 5 Treatments (6 minutes each) - $120



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