If you have a hectic lifestyle, you know that being constantly on the go is just part of the routine. However, taking the time for massage therapy in Gulfport MS or Ocean Springs MS can be a useful tool that can help you continue performing at your very best. This is because a massage can do more than clear your conscience and ease your muscles. Massage Therapy in Gulfport MS and Ocean Springs MS can keep your body in tip-top shape to help you - be you!


The client remains clothed and dry for privacy and comfort with no post-session clean-up of water or oils.

An inverted V-shaped spray bar with 36 water jets is contained under an acrylic canopy. The powered canopy opens and allows easy access for the client to lie down on the cushion. A high-strength nylon/urethane waterproof barrier separates the client from the water.

The spray bar travels forward and back, massaging the full length of the body or it may be easily programmed to concentrate on a specific area. The water jets are separated into four groups of 9 jets each. The inner 2 groups (18 jets total) work together and the outer 2 groups work together to simulate a finger-tip acupressure massage from the center of the body to the sides of the body.

"It's like 36 fingers massaging 3 sides of the body!"

The pulsating water jets can be adjusted from a relaxing 2 cycles per second up to an invigorating 10 cycles per second. The pulsation can be varied independent of water pressure for maximum effect and client sensitivity. The water immediately drains off the barrier back into the reservoir where it is pumped back to the water jets.

The machine's water jets can be adjusted from 2 to 10 pounds of total water jet force (similar to pressing on the body with 18 fingertips) to suit the sensitivity of the client and with a consistency that is hard to match with manual massage. The water temperature can be adjusted from approximately 90°F to 104°F using the electronic thermostat. No post-session clean-up or water disposal is necessary. The Aqua Massage is self-contained. No plumbing is required and no water disposal is necessary.


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